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What Is a Normal Blood Sugar Level?

About the glucose and the test results Learn more

blood glucose to prevent diabetes.

Glucose is the amount of glucose in human blood. Knowing the normal and normal amount of blood glucose is very important and it helps to understand the range of blood glucose levels and helps control diabetes. The amount of blood glucose is not the same in all conditions, and this amount is different before and after meals. In this part of your damp health, you will be familiar with the amount of normal blood glucose.

How many natural blood glucose should be?

How much should normal and normal blood sugar be?

Glucose, the most widely used sugar in the body, is fructose sugar in fruits and lactose in milk, which is converted to glucose after use in the body and finally converted to energy. Blood glucose represents the progression of the disease and the type of disease. If the person’s blood sugar level is less than 100, he does not have diabetes and the level of glucose is normal; if between 100 and 126, he is diabetic and is prone to diabetes In the future, over 130 diabetes mellitus is one type of diabetes and one should be treated very quickly.

People who have abnormal symptoms in their body should go to a specialist physician and after finding that their blood glucose is not constant, their blood glucose levels should be regularly monitored; they can also take the blood glucose device and at home regularly. Check your blood glucose levels. Elderly people should eat low-calorie foods in their diet.

 How many normal glucose is it?

Hemoglobin index in the body

The hemoglobin index in the body indicates the amount of blood sugar, if the hemoglobin is high and the glucose level is three months old, the patient should be treated. If the hemoglobin number is higher than the blood sugar, type 1 diabetes is associated with buprenochia, dizziness , and frequent urination ; type 2 is not high in blood and has no symptoms; the disease should be checked by testing and after diagnosis. The amount of glucose is appropriate for the patient to be treated.

If you are diagnosed with high blood sugar, you should observe the following points:

  • Use the right diet.
  • Prevent overweight.
  • Have a good physical activity.
  • Fast food is unnecessarily consumed, fast food is artificially saturated with harmful fats, as well as refined and artificial carbohydrates, which increases the risk of diabetes.

Diet for diabetics

The normal amount of glucose

Fasting Blood Glucose  :

For people with diabetes:  80- 130 mg / dl

For people without diabetes:  99-70 mg / dl

The amount of normal blood sugar during the day

Normal blood sugar  two hours after a meal:

For people with diabetes:  less than 180 mg / dL

For people without diabetes:  less than 140 mg / dl


There is a long-term glucose test known as hemoglobin HbA1c, A1C and A1c. This test determines the average value of the last two months. HbA1c is expressed as a percentage.

For people with diabetes:  7% or less

For people without diabetes:  less than 7.5%

Blood glucose test result and blood glucose levels

Normal Blood Sugar in Gestational Diabetes

Fasting and pre-meal:  92 mg / dl

After food : 120 mg / dl

Normal sugar in pregnant mother with previous diabetes

Fasting and pre-meal:  60-60 mg / dl

After meals:  129-100 mg / dl

HA1c:  less than 6%

What is normal blood sugar in pregnancy ?

Blood glucose test

By performing a finger blood test , you can measure glucose and glucose levels. You can put a sensor under the skin to measure blood sugar, this is called CGM measurement.

Blood tests should be done regularly for people who inject insulin.

To control your blood glucose, you can measure the amount of glucose after eating different foods or doing different activities. The amount of blood sugar increases depending on the amount and type of food. Individuals with type 2 diabetes who do not inject insulin can measure their blood glucose at different times. Most people with diabetes do not need to test between meals unless they are taking diabetes medications that can lower blood sugar.

Measuring blood glucose level

It is best for diabetics to measure fasting blood glucose immediately after awakening. It may also be appropriate to test your blood glucose before meals or sometimes 2 hours after meals, normal blood glucose, when your blood glucose returns to normal.

Do your experiment planning. A daily test at one time will not give you useful information, such as changing your blood sugar after changing your pill or using a specific medicine.

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