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Do you know what SEO is? (Do you know SEO site optimization techniques?) What is always green content and what role does it play on the site? What are comet keywords? How to turn a visitor into a customer?  These are the questions we are looking for in this article.

Remember that in the age of digitalization and business globalization, online business is vital to promoting your business brand.

Every year, new tips and techniques for SEO and promotion of website rankings are introduced. These changes are based on new decisions and different approaches that search engines offer to rank and indexing websites. This year, everyone is also looking to boost their website SEO and change their SEO to 2019 needs, such as indexing sites based on the mobile version.

There is plenty of content about the SEO site, the creation of web-based and mobile-friendly websites, and you may well know them all well. In this article and as the start of the 2019 marathon, there are some new tips you may have not done so far.

Keep in mind that there are precision SEO strategies that can increase the organic traffic of your site’s search engines by up to 35.36% in just 30 days.

Anyway, everyone wants to strengthen their routines with advanced techniques. But this approach sometimes brings about unusual SEO techniques that increase the chance of ranking and ranking, bringing the site faster and even more energy to the audience.

In this article we read:

Prepare your site for the first-time mobile index

  • Optimize your mobile speed
  • Get the most out of the UX report data
  • Capture more space from SERP
  • The video is new content king
  • Update your website in Google My Business
  • Raise your brand credibility
  • Use Google’s new search console
  • Attend Amazon
  • Follow the creative link


Since the start-up of the Index-Based Approach, the blog has engaged all industries. Fortunately, today we know all the jokes related to the mobile-friendly website and the Risk website, but the following points are true:

If we want to follow the new Google approach to first indexing the mobile link, we do not have to have a website with mobile-friendly pages. Website-friendly web site is only a general recommendation from Google.

When a website is placed in the first-index, there is no return

If the website has a responsive design, nothing will change because the content of the pages is essentially the same for the desktop version and the mobile version. Dynamic websites and M-dot sites require a little more attention in this regard. It is better to know that the organic search result (from the search engine) will surely be different for a website’s mobile version and desktop, even if the query was created from the same location. This is more because of the difference in user intentions when searching with different devices.

For example, if you look up the contact information of a company with a mobile phone, you will see a link for the call, while the same query in the desktop version will display a contact page for you.

Other differences between SERP Mobile and Desktop can include the following processes:

The ranking process, for example, affects the speed of a mobile page on page rankings Errors and fines, for example, penalties for aggressive and intrusive orders in the mobile version. The indexing process, for example; using a flash prevents all content from being viewed by the cursor


If your website has not migrated to the first-ever mobile site, and you have not received a message from Google, and you are thinking about re-advertising your website, it’s the best time for the web – hosting and web -hosting.

If you want to have a dynamic website or have a separate site for each version, you need to consider the consistency between the mobile version and the desktop (content, internal links, code, and commands, etc.). You can easily use the burger and accordion menus in the mobile version because it does not affect the indexing of links.

Since ranking and ranking of pages are out of control of the webmaster, we can only optimize our site for the indexing process. To do this, you need to check the structure of your site and make sure the mobile boot can easily see it. Make sure there are no obstacles to visiting your website. Have you wondered if it was safe to buy website traffic online?  Truth be told, not all companies are created equal, but if you select a reputable supplier with years of experience, it’s safe, fast, easy and surprisingly affordable.


Surely you know that the speed of the mobile version of the website pages is a major factor in the ranking and became an important point of 2019. However, the most important thing is the way that this ranking factor affects site search optimization. Google has officially confirmed that the speed of the website is one of the main factors in the ranking of the site for users. You can use online tools such as jet metrics to check your website’s speed up.

Take the recommendations made by these tools seriously and optimize your website to have a higher loading speed. In a test conducted with the Power Sheet SEO before and after the Google update, the impact of Mobile Paging on the Ranking is clearly seen. In this test, it has been determined that the optimization of mobile pages has a decisive impact on the page position in the SERP. There is an important point: Currently, mobile paging speeds are effective on the ranking. But Google’s ignorance of the growing interest in field data or the actual page load speed for the user should not be ignored, as is provided by the data reported by Crooks (UX).

For information on the speed of lingo your pages from Google’s perspective, you can use the Google Insight Speed ​​Tool, a combination of field data and Google’s collected labs.

Do not forget that the results of the optimization effect still exist and the higher the level of optimization, the higher the page speed is. Therefore, it is necessary that:

Check your website with pageview insight tools and analyze Google’s recommendations in the Opportunities section of this report.

The list of these opportunities may be high. To learn more about the way to optimize your website for each of these opportunities provided by the Google Page Speed ​​Quicker Insight Tool, read the Optimization Guide.

Be Extensively, Get Ahead of Google’s Alert, Regularly Perform Your Website’s Technical Audit, and fix any Specific Issues.


As you know, from November 12, 2018, the field data section, the real-time measurements of Google’s Page Speed ​​Insight tool, has been moved to a separate section of this tool.

The important thing about field data is that it can never be fully optimized. Although we doubt that Google will conduct tests to determine the cascading speed of the pages. Therefore, it is necessary to accumulate all the knowledge gained from this tool and think about the use of this data in an efficient way.


What we know with certainty is that the data used to report UX to the public is available on the Google-Bing Query platform. If you want to know about the type of relationship your users, visitors’ gadgets, data in FCP, DCL, and other metrics, all you need to do is create a project on the Google Cloud Platform. You can then access the public project page. If you even have basic SQL knowledge, you can analyze the raw data collected by Google from your website. If you have this information, you can create a better strategy to optimize your site. For example, if you share the data of this report based on the type of communication device and the country of visitors, you can easily find that visitors from a country are more interested in searching your site with a desktop device:


I first thought that it would be ridiculous to bring something with Google and see something different every time. For example, in search of a website traffic, we can see that recently some website have changed their snippet and used a different filtering system, and instead of the 3 results, 4 results are displayed in the search engine. But since organic results are shrinking with the speed of electricity, we think it is necessary to go beyond the targeted organic search results. It’s better to learn some of these techniques well

Special Sniping is not new, but its position is on top of all search results, making it a hot tip in any SEO thread.

If you want to make a special snippet for your page, do the following:

Retain the content of your site pages to remember the visitors’ questions.

Format your content so Google can easily sniff it: in a paragraph, table, list, video, etc., consider the study that says the success of formatting and content formatting techniques depends on the target market.

If you answer the hot topic in your page, make short paragraphs of the text (approximately 40 to 60 words), which is like a special snippet. Avoid definitions in the dictionary because they are covered by the response boxes in the SERP.


The grammatical syndrome, if properly implemented and implemented, can help the site get some special snippet as a result of the search engines search (SERP). Before testing the grammatical syndrome or changing the existing code, try Google on Google’s SERP:

What kind of SERP snippet is displayed in your search terms

Does your content currently occupy any non-organic SERP space and ask yourself the result you see in the search engine?

Look for a vacuum that your content can cover in the current search results.


Link sites typically occupy a large amount of SERP space. You can check it yourself: Of course, you cannot force Google to display Snippet as your favorite. But it’s possible to create a situation where your style is published and displayed.


While content is still the pillar of any website, people are particularly interested in viewing the video. Remember to go to the YouTube site to watch your thesis referral, and an hour later watch the approach to the penguins without noticing you.

Although the above is true and you know, these are the facts about video content:

There are more than a billion hours of video on YouTube every day

  • YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine.

The video will increase the time visitors stay on the site (on average, the world sees more than 40 minutes each YouTube video)

Marketing YouTube Videos occupy a large amount of SERP. Studies have shown that the number of video galleries in Google’s search results has nearly doubled.

The fact is: the videos that are viewed are about 31 to 60 seconds long and how to make the demand for video tutorials grow every 70%, so:

  • Bring your brand videos and demos of your products as short as possible
  • Learn video tutorials on how to use your products or services
  • Have live coverage like webinar and interviews on your site
  • Help your users find their videos:

Add decent metadata to your videos (shorter titles, a richer description), and get your footprint and subtitles for your video so that Google understands it well.

Use the same keywords accurately because YouTube still uses this style.

  • Fill the keyword tags because they are used for recommended videos
  • Publish your videos on popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc..

Submit your video site to search engines.


Many factors are involved in the search engine’s search engine search, the strongest of which is, of course, the search location.

To achieve the best local results, Google updates the Google My Business Profile (GMB) feature accurately. So, it’s not surprising that Google’s MySQL feeds make up more than 25% of the Local Package Ranking factor. Also, Google’s MySQL impact on local searchers grew by about 32% in 2018.

If you search for properties, you will find out how much the SERP result page is occupied by real estate brand cadres. So, if you have a local business, then be sure to list GMB so your information appears in the search location. In addition, you must optimize it a bit, because some of the elements of the GMB are the ranking factor (for example, Google posts, images, Google’s answer questions and reviews and customer reviews). In addition, it’s best to boost your presence on Google Maps.

The best thing about here is that few businesses update their listings regularly, so it’s a simpler way to boost brand credibility against competitors. All you must do is:

  • Publish to Google Post, like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Ask questions about your career in the Google Q & A section and answer.
  • Upload photos and keep your listing up-to-date. If you have a video, it’s better to put it.

Complete all the categories in your list. Note that Google will regularly add new types. So, if you have not logged in to your GMB page for a long time, you may find that there are new fields and fields.

Comments and review are very important in Ranking and over the past 3 years, its importance has increased by 43%. If you are satisfied with a customer, encourage him to write a comment and critique your performance. Always respond to all your compliments and complaints.

It’s better to go beyond Google, and on the other platforms, also, critique your customers.

Check your rankings from all points where your business is present. It’s important to browse and browse your listings in a way that a customer sees.


The Google Search Quality Guidelines clearly state that brand reputation affects the ranking process of the search result. I know that you already have a link to think about the link. Yes, still link bans are important, but today, mentioning without brand name heavyweight import the page ranking process.

This is the case. When it comes to a brand without a link in a piece of content, Google understands that this brand is an important whole. By analyzing its validity, the search engine determines which brand is dominant in a domain. Thus, each element of the reputed reputation factor of the page includes brand credibility, advertisements, problem-solving, and so on. So, when you want to improve your brand credibility, consider the following:

  • Name your online brand at any time. The most natural way to engage your customers
  • Find people who want to talk about your brand, but a bit of reinforcement and correction is required
  • Look at the names of your rivals. Analyze how to create awareness, solve complaints and crises, and engage their customers.


Google’s search console is one of the most important SEO tools for website owners because it measures the traffic and performance of the site. You may have noticed that in September Google upgraded the console tool and added some nice new features. Have you checked these features? If not, you are encouraged to test it and make your SEO process more efficient.

Use the console root URL lookup tool to test your links. Copy the link in it and see the issues Google finds for now. Once you’ve made sure that the issues are resolved, validate the same fixes in this tool and request a retry.

Look at the Google Index Coverage Report.

It all links URL’s your site is divided into 4 categories: links with errors, invalid links, invalid links and links with the caveat aside. You can see the reason for each of these four situations in the link column and read the troubleshooting tips and fixes.

Analyze performance report

This is the new name for Analytics, but new interesting features have been added and the range of data provided has been dramatically expanded. Now we can look at the data for the past 16 months (previously only for 3 months).

Share your report with your team

This function allows you to share reports, even with those who do not have an account. In this way, you can provide valuable information to the team of web developers or clients, without a hindrance.


Some things will keep people away from Google, like buying from Amazon or certain store sites. In these cases, users will go straight to their site (do you know that 56% of people now use the note

So, if you want to have a good brand and sell, it’s best to think of all the things your customers are likely to be away from your site and participate in important store sites.

Among the direct and indirect factors affecting the Amazon, the speed of sales is one of the key issues. So, in order to increase the speed of your sales on Amazon, you should consider the following:

  • Give paid advertisements and buy traffic to help users find you
  • Make good content that turns visitors into a customer. Here the concept of good content is a combination of images, unique descriptions, previous customer reviews, product introductions, and more.


The core of any SEO strategy is linking, and this issue will not change very soon. However, if you are looking for quick linking, it almost never means a white hat link.

So, it’s better to go away with the traditional linking techniques and choose a creative and unusual strategy for linking (but in any case, the links are white hats).


The realities of SEO are changing rapidly. Often, there are new things that are still not well-named. If you use these new names, you’ll get a chance to get a better search result.


When you make visual content like graphs or infographics, people find it very quickly and use it with their content. Although this is not always the case, it usually refers to the source of the images and the daisies.

To respect justice, Google searches for such images in your notebook and asks webmasters to link to the reference site. This is a quick and legitimate link.


If you speak at a ceremony, try to get as many links as possible.

Certainly, they will have a link to your site. At the same time, visitors have written in their blog about ceremonies and speakers and get more links, in addition, publish news about your events and speeches on social media to get more likes and more links.


We never ask you to ignore evergreen SEO techniques. At the same time, it’s better to use creative and inventive ways to boost your US State targeted website traffic efforts. Why? Because each of these techniques is complementary, more maneuvering is needed to optimize site visits and audience acquisition. However, keep in mind that the main element of any SEO and SEO initiative is first and foremost. Do not forget the evergreen content. Using appropriate and competitive keywords is also part of traditional SEO efforts. Linking too soon will not go away from the SEO circle. So, use traditional SEO techniques along with the suggested creative ways of this article to strengthen your site visit and turn visitors into customers.


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