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Today’s online businesses need to have a strong content strategy, after designing their website to start optimizing their site. The first and foremost step in implementing this strategy is to find keywords on the site. This article will introduce you to the best tools for finding a website’s keyword in 2019.

The basis of SEO is based on keywords searched. In the next step, factors such as page optimization, quality of content, user experience of the site (UX), user intent and purpose, and several other factors are important. The keywords that you choose for a site are important for the success of the site in optimizing search engines (SEO). Choosing the right keywords is not always easy. You need a lot of information to help you understand that a keyword is useful to you. If you are not familiar with the keyword finder tool. We’ll continue to help you better understand the basics. It’s important to find keywords using different tools so far, Many companies invest thousands of dollars in search of their site keywords. Fortunately, there are many tools that help you figure out which keywords are best for your website strategy.

There are often two types of keyword research tools:

  1. Mother Keyword Search: Use the Keyword Moment to find a helpful keyword. For example, the maternal group: website traffic and useful keywords: website traffic, Buy Traffic, Buy website traffic and…
  2. Search for competitive keywords: Find keywords that help other sites manage traffic.

Finding the keywords that compete on it is more (competitive words) more effective because the purpose of research on keywords is to find profitable keywords. Now, all you must do is create a page to put the keywords we have found and use them. In this guide, we cover both types of keywords. Most of these keyword search tools work for a fee, and only a few are free. The list of tools listed below is:

  • google keyword Planner
  • SEMRUSH (This link works for $ 199)
  • Ahrefs ($ 7 for a 7-day payment)
  • LongTailPro
  • KWFinder
  • SpyFU
  • SERPStat

Best Keyword Search Tools for SEO in 2019:

1- Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner tool is one of the popular and key tools for finding keywords on the site. The only reason it’s a popular tool is its free and integrated directly with Google AdWords. To use this tool, you need to have an AdWords account (you can create it for free, but you have to charge it to use this account). One of the features of the Keyword Planner is that its exact information on Google (the largest engine Search) is the result of the search results of these words in Google. One of the limitations of this tool is that the search volume does not display the keyword you want in other search engines. This tool is one of the good and key tools for starting and creating SEO and content strategies.

To use the Google Keyboard Planner tool, refer to this link .


The simplest tool is to find keywords for a SEMRUSH blogger. Unlike other tools in which you need to add a parent keyword group, you can start your own research (you just have to add your URL or enter the URL of your opponent), then all the keywords that are ranked for that site. This will allow you to select the longer and shorter keywords for the keyword you want. For example: Motherboard keyword: Buy long-tail hosting: Buy a Linux host, buy a Windows host and … short-tail.

You can see detailed details about traffic statistics, search engine reporting, ADSENCE CPC, and many other details you need to manage your campaigns in the SEMRUSH tool .

To access the SEMRUSH tool, refer to this link .

3- Ahref

Ahrefs is one of the most popular tools for finding keywords on the site. The article about Ahrefs is noteworthy, its finer details, especially about keywords. Ahrefs uses clickstream information to show how many clicks the search engine has crawled. Using this information in our knowledge charts helps us greatly because it shows that some words have a lot of traffic, but the number of clicks from the search engine is very low. The reason is that people can get answers to some of their questions directly from search results. Search for celebrities for example.

To access the Ahrefs tool, refer to this link .

4- LongTailPro

LongTailPro is a cloud-based software for research and finding keywords and one of the most popular tools in this list. This software is a cost-effective research tool that can help you search keywords for specific sites and proprietary products. With the “platinum” version, you can get detailed and detailed analyzes for various keywords. There is also a very practical tool for researching rivals that can be very important in selecting keywords.

To access the LongTailPro tool, refer to this link .

5- KWfinder

If you are looking for a completely dedicated tool to search for keywords, KWFinder is the best option for you. This tool has recently joined the market with a very rapid growth in SEO. KWFinder helps you find keywords for targeted traffic guidance. Using keyword-based questions, you can quickly find the keywords you want. KWFinder offers both free plans and costly plans. For most users, the basic plan (the plan you must pay for it) is more appropriate. However, use the free account to see the effectiveness of the KWFinder tool.

To access the KWFinder tool, refer to this link .

6- SpyFu

SpyFu is one of the best SEO software on the market. If you are trying to analyze your site and want to beat your rivals, this tool is very useful and useful.

What you need to know about SpyFu:


SpyFu is very useful for two important reasons.

  • Increasing your knowledge of the recognition of targeted keywords and competitive keyword competitive keywords
  • Discover emerging markets or markets that have not yet arrived.


SpyFu has several modules.

  • Web site comparison module
  • Keyword History Module
  • Domain History Module
  • Related keyword module


Compared to some rivals, the program does not have very deep vocabulary, and it can be said more limited, although this is improving. Meanwhile, the information is updated monthly and is not real-time.


SpyFu offers are in two ways, the initial pricing plan and the agency’s plan.

Initial designs

$ 79 and $ 99 a month (if you buy a one-year course, you’ll get more than 40% off)

Agency plan

$ 999 per month. SpyFu is a comprehensive SEO product. It can be useful for researching competitors as well as finding new markets.

To access the SpyFu tool, refer to this link .

7- Serpstat

Serpstat is another research tool for searching keywords that was discovered in 2019. This tool helps us identify and identify key keywords.

The Serpstat tool shows us the following details:

  • Search volume or search volume (Search volume)
  • Competition
  • Cost per Click (CPC)
  • Keyword difficulty score

You can search by or Yandex based on your country. The section contains results on the difficulty of the keywords that show the top 10 web pages that are ranked, along with page rank, outbound links, and referrer domains. If you want to rate a word rating, this kind of information can be very useful. For words in PPC, the SERPstat keywords page shows all the domains that are being advertised for your keywords. One of the things that is unusual is a list of the best tools for researching keywords. Serpstat is used to research the keywords of small businesses, create new links and develop a strategic platform.


Serpstat gives you free information to register, but it costs $ 19 a month.

To access the Serpstat tool, refer to this link .

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