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How to use PR strategies to improve SEO?

Public relations and SEO are always supposed to work together. Public Relations or PR is about building a relationship with media professionals and Influenzaers in order to raise awareness of a brand or business. On the other hand, SEO is the same thing. The only difference is that we are talking about digital space, and in this space, such a connection is defined through links, social networking signals, and so on. In the past, many SEO strategies focused on building up a large amount of poor relationships with others in order to gain attention for their brand. But over time, things are different from the past.

As Google expands its ability to differentiate the quality, purpose and relevance of a link, SEO strategists should also think more than ever before, such as PR specialists. More than SEO to focus on the construction and production of a link, it is necessary to focus on building more human relationships in order to better communicate with customers, and this is precisely how to use the opportunities of public relations in online space.

What can we learn?

Public relations has always appeared in a variety of ways. The techniques used by PR specialists to receive positive feedback in the media are numerous and diverse. That means there are three areas where we want to get information about them and if we master them, these three areas help us to improve our business site with the knowledge we have learned from PR professionals.

1. Content, content and content again

It’s not surprising that content is the first one, since content production is one of the main principles in the field of public relations. If you produce content that is localized, fit right now, and your community’s interests are covered, it will simply be seen.

Content is the King - VIPBlog.us

So what kind of content can you generate to create positive PR opportunities that also apply to SEO? Of course, your content should contain slides, videos, images and blog content that can properly target your community. If we are to be realistic, almost everyone else is mastered in this field. The key to succeeding in this area is to consider public relations factors in your productive content.

For example, if you write a post in response to a recent article you read, do not start your post with the sentence “Recently I read an article in this field …”. Use the title of the author of the original article; link in the post to the original article and post the author’s name along with your content link on social networks when posting. By hanging out the author, he will certainly come up with your article and may even bring more readers to your post by sharing and commenting on your post.

Even if this does not happen and your post is not seen, at least while you have hinted at PR, you would have to monitor the author of your article and pay more attention. From the point of view of PR, SEO and Link Building, you have succeeded in using all of these techniques.

2 The art of playing in the PR field (or SEO)

Google’s Webspam team is still looking for ways to pinpoint the importance of a link. As the algorithms progress in this area, your challenge is to build links that not only hinder the detection of spam algorithms, but also block Google’s Google Webspam human-demo barrier. Keep in mind that this human team is generally journalists and editors.

It does not matter whether you write a guest post, or a news reportage or even a simple email to the media; you should be able to express the importance of your request in a way that generates positive public relations and feedback.

The first law you should keep in mind is to refrain from referring to links. Although in your presentation your opponent may find that you are looking for an engagement link, you can escape this hypothesis by hanging your opponent in your post. Sometimes the best way to build valuable links is to completely forget about everything about links. Focus on the opportunity before you can build a good profile of yourself and attract traffic to this form. You must be able to transfer the “value” element to someone who reads the content generated by you. If you do, your valuable links will be sent to you.

Do not forget that Webspam’s human team is mostly journalists and editors of news sites. Therefore, the message you send to the media may pass through these people. You must post something that people will post and comment on as soon as they see it. If you want to post a guest post, be a bit more flexible and, for example, select three posts in three different topics for the guest post. As a matter of fact, you have officially announced to the editors of the media that you know what they are looking for and are ready for it. If you only have one idea for a guest post, be sure to make sure that you have completed the entire post before you submit the headline for the media and there are no shortcomings in your post.

This process is also repeated at the time of writing the news statement. By writing an excellent headline and attaching photos, and that you know the reporter needs something to complete the news statement, you will greatly increase your chances of success in this regard. You need to be prepared to give a lot of information about your business and brand to the journalist who publishes your newsletter so that they can publish the best posts for you.

3. Be prepared for success

Well, you have prepared a great newsletter and a guest post. How can you help yourself to have the best chance of success?

If you were a PR specialist, the first thing you would consider was how your relationship with the media could help you be more successful. This is where social networks display their value. Use your current communications on Twitter, Google Plus and, most importantly, LinkedIn to see how you can connect to the media, and especially journalists.

If you can not rely on your friends to connect with the person you want, you must start a friendly relationship from the beginning. If you know the name of the journalist or editor you want to publish your article by, try to connect with him before you begin working with him. For most journalists, editors or famous bloggers, a minna on Twitter or a rhythm, you can bring them closer to you so that they will put you on the radar. If you can chat with these people first and foremost with regard to the content of their social networks, you have the better chance of starting a great partnership with them. In fact, by forming these friendships, they know you more, and when you send them a news statement or a guest post, they definitely put you in a higher priority.

In fact, the PR basis, or the PR, is the creation of a friendly relationship between a company’s PR team and another person in another company. PR professionals have been communicating with people working in other companies through relationships through targeted calls, targeted emails, and even face-to-face meetings. On the other hand, the most common problem that SEO practitioners do is to think that traditional PR and digital marketing are two separate branches because they use different media. If a company’s SEO team can rely on the same relationship created by the PR team, it’s much better than the past to help raise awareness of the brand-name business and will increase website traffic with top quality to your brand.

We have never been connected to other people in the past. Social networks allow us to target our communications and move quickly through the traditional ways to establish a good business relationship. Therefore, we suggest that you learn lessons learned from techniques used by public relations professionals for years to improve their business intelligence. Do not forget that in the future, those who have succeeded will be those who will quickly learn new things for more success.If the post you read is useful, share it with your friends:

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